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Pro-Kit: SUBARU WRX STI (2004+)
Pro-Kit: SUBARU WRX STI (2004+)
Pro-Kit: SUBARU WRX STI (2004+)
Pro-Kit: SUBARU WRX STI (2004+)

Pro-Kit: SUBARU WRX STI (2004+)

Price: $27.95
$30.74 SS T-Bolt Clamp (+$2.79), I dont want a 2nd clamp
$30.74 SS Worm Gear Clamp (Included), SS T-Bolt Clamp (+$2.79)
$33.53 SS T-Bolt Clamp (+$2.79), SS T-Bolt Clamp (+$2.79)
 Please select options:
Type of Clamp (Coupler to Cap):
Add a 2nd Clamp (Tester to Turbo):
Fitting Option:
Boost Gauge Option:
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Easiest way to test a Subaru!


Boost leak test at the intake and save yourself time and hassle. 

Easily test at the intake pipe right after the maf housing.  This Pro-Kit is perfect for the Subaru boxer-style turbo motor. It is a fast and easy way to do a boost leak test since the turbo sits underneath the manifold and is difficult to access. 


Check out the categories section for tutorial on exactly how to test your motor with this Pro-Kit. 


  • Silicon coupler for durability and minimal expansion – Not Rubber!
  • Top-mounted threaded boost gauge to easily read the pressure in the system while testing without having to run into the driver's seat to read the boost.
    • Selectable Option for 15-PSI (stock boost) / 30-PSI (tuned) / (high boost or diesel truck) 60-PSI boost gauge.
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Chrome threaded tire valve stem secured with a nut.
    • Selectable option for an NPT compressor fitting.
  • 1 Stainless Steel Worm-Gear Clamp. This secures the coupler to the cap.
    • Selectable upgrade to Stainless Steel T-Bolt clamp
    • For an extra clamp to secure the boost leak tester to the intake pipe, select the option above.

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